The Individual Projects

Within the project “Communication in Context”, the following subprojects are collaborating:
  • Communication in Context (Stockholm), Åsa Wikforss, Peter Pagin, Sören Häggqvist
  • Verbal Disputes and Reference (Tartu), Daniel Cohnitz
  • Words in Worlds (Trondheim/Turku), Jussi Haukioja
  • Contextualism, Relativism and Practical Conflicts and Disagreements (Lisbon), Teresa Marques
  • Communication and the possibility of deceit, a game theoretical analysis (Amsterdam), Robert van Rooij
  • The Comprehension of Referential Expressions and its Impact on Communication (Osnabrück), Peter Bosch
  • Social Categories Considered from Different Points of View (London), James Hampton
  • Game Theoretical Linguistics (Tübingen), Gerhard Jäger