Åsa Wikforss

Åsa Wikforss received her PhD at Columbia University in 1996, and is currently a professor in theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University.  Her principal interest is in philosophy of mind and language. Her work includes papers on the normativity of meaning and content, on semantic externalism, on natural kinds, and on self-knowledge.



Peter Pagin

Peter Pagin is full professor of theoretical philosophy since 2002. He has worked in the philosophy of language and related areas, with contributions both to formal semantics and to meta-semantics, including communication theory.




Sören Häggqvist

Sören Häggqvist is associate professor in theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University. He works on philosophical methodology, thought experiments and the semantics and metaphysics of natural kinds.





Nat Hansen

Nat Hansen is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Reading (UK). He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago (2010), and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut Jean-Nicod in Paris (2010-2011), and postdoctoral fellow in Language & Cognition at Umeå University in Sweden (2012). His primary research interest is in philosophy of language, with an emphasis on contextualism, the empirical foundations of semantics and pragmatics, and the meaning of color terms.